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Dear Governor Cuomo: The Concert Protest Film

New Yorkers Against Fracking in One Voice.

SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories

We wanted to make a film about the complicated relationship between man and water but had no idea that our reporting would conclude with the worst manmade ecologic disaster ever.

SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories (Special Edition)

A 53-minute version of the original film narrated by environmental activist and singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant.

Terra Antarctica: Rediscovering the Seventh Continent

For six weeks we explored the Antarctic Peninsula by sea kayak, sailboat, foot and small plane, observing the fast changing evolution of this most remote place.

What Would Darwin Think? Man vs. Nature

The impact on the most unique collection of endemic wildlife in the world has been heavy; too many people from the outside threatening the future of the Galapagos.

Oceans8 Box Set Edition

All eight films from writer and adventurer Jon Bowermaster, traveling the globe and exploring the world's oceans from the seat of a sea kayak.

Birthplace of the Winds Book & DVD

Storming Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice, exploring the remote heart of the Aleutian Islands by sea kayak and foot. Web Special! Book & DVD for $25

Buy Oceans8 Films Individually.

Follow writer and adventurer Jon Bowermaster, as he travels to French Polynesia, the Aleutian Islands, Gabon, Tasmania, Croatia, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, to explore the world's oceans from the seat of a sea kayak.

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The threats to our seas and what you can do to turn the tide. The companion book to the new Disney Movie

Wildebeest in a Rainstorm

Profiles of Our Most Intriguing Adventurers, Conservationists, Shagbags and Wanderers. Peter Beard • George Schaller • Wangari Maathai • Doug Tompkins • Will Steger • Sir Richard Branson and more...

Descending the Dragon

My Journey Down the Coast of Vietnam. Sometimes the longest journey begins with great patience.

Alone Against the Sea

Alone against the sea and other true adventures Brand new collection of adventurous stories from around the world -- Chile to China, Antarctica, to the heart of Africa -- by sailboat, raft, sea kayak, 4x4 and foot

Aleutian Adventure

Kayaking in the Birthplace of the Winds. An account in words and pictures of the 1999 expedition to the heart of the Aleutian Island chain, written for young adults and published by the National Geographic Society.

The Birthplace of the Winds

Storming Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice. Exploring the remote heart of the Aleutian Islands, by sea kayak and foot

Crossing Antarctica

A remarkable first - 3,741 miles, in seven months - undertaken by six men from six countries and 36 sled dogs, across the world's most foreboding continent.

Over the Top of the World

Join celebrated polar explorer Will Steger as he and a five-person team cross the frozen Arctic Ocean.

The Adventures and Misadventures of Peter Beard in Africa

Part biography of renowned raconteur and conservationist, part history of Kenya after 30 years of independence, an award-winning book.

Saving the Earth

A Citizen's Guide to Environmental Action. Lucid, passionate, informed and graphic, Saving the Earth - published on the 20th anniversary of Earth Day.

Governor: An Oral Biography of Robert D. Ray

An oral biography of one of this century's most highly-regarded governors, during an era when the job was greatly expanded.