No greater resource exists on the planet than the salty blue-water that covers almost 80 percent of the globe. Utilized for food, transportation and energy, the oceans are one of the greatest influencers of the world's weather and how societies ebb and boom along its shores. Around the planet more than three billion people depend on the surrounding seas.


Birthplace of the Winds, Sea Kayaking Alaska

A three-week long journey - from California, through British Columbia and Alaska - delivered us to one of the loneliest and least known spots on Earth (halfway between Russia and Alaska), where the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea collide at what the Aleuts called 'the birthplace of the winds.'


Borderland, Sea Kayaking Croatia

Croatia is Border Land. The country lays on the geographic margin between central Europe and the Balkans, between the Adriatic and the Continent. Its very shape speaks of the divide. There is nothing compact, square or secure. Instead it curves around Bosnia and Herzegovina in a narrow arc, like a crescent moon or a boomerang.


Into the Altiplano, Sea Kayaking Argentina, Bolivia & Chile

We went to South America's Altiplano, the mountainous desert region crossing the borders of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia, looking for water in the driest place on earth. Pulling kayaks behind, which sounds either Quixotic, or foolhardy. During six weeks we traveled from sea level to 20,000 feet and ultimately found more than just signs of water. After all, man has scratched out a living here for more than 10,000 years, longer than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, suggesting there must be water out there somewhere.


A Slowboat to Somewhere, Sea Kayaking French Polynesia

Oceania was the last area on earth to be settled by humans, the last to be discovered by Europeans and the last to be both colonized and de-colonized. The word Polynesia means 'many islands'; the Tuamotus are one of five French Polynesian archipelagos. They are some of most remote islands in the world, tiny green oases floating in the desert of the sea. MORE

The Dangerous Archipelago, Sea Kayaking French Polynesia

The Tuamotus are 78 distinct coral reef atolls, stretching 930 miles north-northeast of Tahiti. From a distance the islands come and go from sight, thus the Dangerous Archipelago and Labyrinth nicknames.


Around Tasmania, Sea Kayaking Australia

The remote and little-known Australian island of Tasmania was the seventh stop of our OCEANS 8 project. Drawn by its mysterious history and wild and rugged shores, it proved to be perfect coastline for us to explore by kayak, stopping along the 600-mile route to visit with fishermen and historians, sailors and folkloric legends.


The Lost Coast of Gabon, Sea Kayaking West Africa

Accompanied by photographer Peter McBride and two Gabonese eco-guides, we made an exhausting and exhilarating circumnavigation of Gabon's jewel of a national park, Loango. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and stretching 40 miles into the jungled-interior, we kayaked and portaged more than 200 miles around the park's perimeter, seeing this wild country from a new and different perspective.


Terra Antarctica, Sea Kayaking Antarctica

If you believe as I do that the Earth is a living thing, then Antarctica is its pulse. Each year the continent freezes solid, then parts of it melt, freezes solid, then melts. It is this annual process that makes Antarctica so important today, its influence on the world's oceans vast, when warming temperatures are impacting and threatening to change life all over the planet.


Descending the Dragon, Sea Kayaking Vietnam

My initial request to bring kayaks to Vietnam was greeted by the government in Hanoi with five simple words: 'That will be quite impossible.' Unprecedented, unnecessary, unsafe, unwise, he continued. More than a year of negotiating followed, as well as a cash imbursement ('filming permit'), before I was allowed to ship the kayaks and apply for visas for a five-person team.


Oceans 8 is my long-term project, a series of expeditions to explore the world's oceans from the seat of a sea kayak. Used as both transportation and as floating ambassadors, sea kayaks allow me and my teams - comprised of some of the world's best photographers, filmmakers, scientists and navigators - to reach corners of the world rarely seen.

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